Roof Cleaning

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Why You Need Roof Cleaning Services

Your house’s roof isn’t just there for display–it protects your home from external damage and adds an extra layer of security. Since they serve as a shield against the elements, it’s common for roofs to get damaged by the growth of various fungi and plants.

If you notice black streaks all across the shingles, it’s an indication of algae growth. The organism thrives in hot temperatures and humidity, spreading out on the surfaces as it grows. Excessive algae growth not only feeds off the moisture but also makes the shingles on your roof unstable. Thus, your roof suffers not just visually with the appearance of black streaks but also sustains structural damage.

Lichen is another organism that affects the appearance of your roof. The slow-growing plant creates a crusty layer on the roof and reaches deep within the roofing composition to form stains and pock-marks. Roof moss also causes considerable damage to the roof’s structure and appearance, causing it to deteriorate.

Unwanted growths such as the ones mentioned above can be treated through professional roof cleaning and inspection. Cleaning experts apply a carefully prepared chemical mixture onto the roofing surfaces that kills these organisms and prevents them from growing further. In addition to eliminating unwanted growths, roof cleaning also allows for the removal of debris that accumulates on or around roof tiles such as leaves, twigs, and seeds. Cleaning services also address the damage caused by acid rain, air pollutants, smoke, and exhaust fumes by getting rid of the residue. Having your roof professionally cleaned also enhances the curb appeal of your home, making it appear more beautiful.

Roof Cleaning Services in Columbus

At Ohio House Washing, we offer a range of house washing services in Columbus, Ohio. These include roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, surface sanitation, exterior house washing, and concrete cleaning, among others.

We use the best cleaning tools and equipment to remove biological and non-biological stains from roofs. Our soft wash system works effectively against dirt, grime, stains, and unwanted growth of biological organisms. Once our team of cleaning experts is through, your roof will look as good as new, giving your house a fresh new look.

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